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Repointing is the process of removing old, soft, loose, or deteriorated mortar and
replacing with new joints. 
Removal of material from the joint cavity can be achieved by cutting, or raking using
utmost care not to destroy the edges of the surrounding masonry.
Each masonry unit whether brick, stone, or blockwork can be repointed to prevent
moisture penetration, heat loss, and damage to interior walls as it restores structural

Repointing can be done by either 100% of all vertical and horizontal joint
replacement or defective areas only as required 
MASTEX uses a specifically designed mortar mix from for each individual
contract. The mortar can be coloured, toned or mixed for a natural appearance to 
blend in with the existing substrate.
Mortar for Historical Restoration can be analyzed and matched to comply with 
Historical specifications including lime based mortars.
MASTEX have a dedicated specialist crew that have many years experience in dealing with all
types of brick and stone repointing, tinting, and cleaning.
Repointing is a must for every masonry structure in order to enhance its longevity and now we can offer a
system called WALLCRETE the will replicate brick and stone for areas that have deteriorated beyond the
repointing stage.

MASTEX time served specialists in this field give the assurance of dealing with a company based on
4 generations of experience.

We use the most up tp date technology to rake out the existing mortar and specially designed pressure
injection pumps to replace the new mortar filling from the back forward to eliminate any weal spots or voids.
The final jointing is struck in the old fashioned way to the clients specifications.
*    Dust free extraction

*    Pressure Injected System

*    25 mill standard rake out

*    Lime / cement specialist 

*    Brick / Stone replacement
      restoration / slips.

*    Brick tinting

*    Struck by hand finishing

*    Any finish / including English
     Tuck Pointing

*    Guaranteed exacting finish.
Our system is suitable for any type of substrate that needs to be jointed including, all types of brick, stone, rubble, and various paving systems
Within our standard range we offer 5 types of pointing that is the standard  types as used in the UK. We can however other types if the 
client has a specific type in mind or to match an exsisting type.
Weatherstruck                    Bucket Handle                               Flush                                                Recessed                                English Tuck
Our specialist repointing crews are highly trained craftsmen and repointing and restoration of brick / stone surfaces are
there main activity. Specialising  in deep mechanised raking and injection pointing on any type of structure, including, Houses,
Flats, Factory's, Tunnels, whatever the problem we have the experience and resources to carryout the works to a very high
and professional standard.
Contact MASTEX today for a FREE appraisal of your project on  Tel : 0203-639-3797
One of the most overlooked parts of a property is the chimney stack, several tons in many instances, siting precariously
on the roof, a major source of damp entering the building if not in good condition. Just looking around in many parts of the 
UK we see many chimney stacks with major joint erosion, leaning over due to mortar failer this can be very serious and
should receive urgent attention.
We offer a full chimney stack renovation service regardless of the external finish.....brick, stone, rendered, painted, or in
the case of unwanted stacks we can remove them completely.
This chimney stack on  one of our contracts was in very bad condition, mortar joint erosion
and render cracked..........allowing water to enter the building .
The joints was repointed render replaced and a protective coating applied covering the entire
stack eliminating any further damp entering.The bricks was repointed and  coated with a clear
silicone sealer to seal them.
The TEX-CRETE SYSTEM is ideal where the client wants to retain the original brick or
stone finish, but maybe due to severe erosion or  damage its impractical to repoint.

The solution is TEX-CRETE a unique wall render that is STAMPED to give the impression
of real brick or stone.

A complete building can be transformed in a matter of days to weatherproof and enhance the external

We offer a wide variety of designs to suit any type of property be it modern or traditional.
Available in a range of beautiful finishes and natural colours.
Traditional features add authenticity including coping stones, cornerstones, archways , quoins
and lintels .

We have hundreds of finishes and in a mulitude of natural colours to suit or match any application
For further information or a free survey and quotation on any of our systems please call on Telephone : 0203-639-3797 or use the contact form below

Kemp House, 152-169 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
Telephone : 0203-693-3797.  Email : mastex@mail.com
Web site : www.thermastex.com
HomeExterior Wall CoatingsWallcote Product InfoWallcote   InstallationExternal Wall RenderingWall Tie ReplacementBrick & Stone PointingRoofing SystemsIndustrial CommercialTestimonials
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