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This beautiful property near Salisbury plain is under constant attack from the weather.. With blown render , flaking paint , and cracks , the owner decided to invest in the GUNEX SYSTEM to   eliminate future damage and maintenance problems.
One of the best ways to prepare and remove loose debris and dirt is high pressure power washing. Gutters, soffits, windows and walls are left clean and help at the masking up stage. Although we prefere this type of preparation on some contracts its impractable or inadvisable. In this event we use alternative methods. 
Although most methods of cleaning down by us remove mould and algae we still prefer to apply a biocide in order to completely remove any stubborn mould or spores etc.This can be applied by brush , roller or low pressure spray
Before we can apply the GUNEX system its important to know that the substrate is in good condition, Its pointless applying a long term high performance coating if the render / bricks / paint etc. are decayed / blown. We remove all blown or loose render /bricks etc. and replace it to blend in with the original surface. Great care is taken with the repairs using traditional and high Tec materials that conform with the relevant BS requirements.
There are many types of cracks found in the external walls of buildings some are just surface cracks while others can be serious structural cracks. Our onsite investigation  will determine what type of action will be needed.from grinding out and filling with epoxy resin to full scale stitch and rebuild. Many coastal properties in the UK suffer from wall tie erosion we are experts in the solving this problem.
Needle-Gunning is without doubt  the best way of preparing existing painted surfaces. Tiny needles hitting the surface at thousands of times a minute removes even the most stubborn paint / coating. As well as removing loose paint this type of prep is also used to prepare a non permeable coating ready for the GUNEX system.
After most repairs have been completed it may be required to bag coat  the repair to blend it in with  the original surface, repairs to pebbledash / roughcast are always tyroleaned and bagged , raw brickwork again is bagged to fill all holes and voids ready for the GUNEX  system to be applied.
The masking up of a property can take a considerable time and paience however on completion this pays off with nice straight lines and professional finish. We work with our clients to cause as least disruption during the masking stage, We will ask you on what doors you wish to be able to open for access and also what windows you wish to open for ventilation Since 2005 we have used clear masking polythene for windows to allow daylight to enter the building and cause the least disruption to the occupants.
Wherever possible we prefere to remove all pipes and fittings as it gives a more professional  job, if this is not possible or is impracticable  these areas will be masked up and sealed Halagon and security lights should be turned off during the daytime works but can be switched on during the evening after the crews have left.
Dependent on the surface and porosity determines what primer we use ( solvent or water based elastomeric ) both types of primer are used to create a strong bond with the existing surface ready for the GUNEX coating. The primers can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.
GUNEX  COATING is a very heavy viscous material and can only be applied by heavy industrial spray equipment ( it cannot be applied by brush or roller ) The coating is applied at very high pressure creating a permanent bond with the surface and giving a beautiful uniform finish that covers most surface defects .At up to 25 times thicker than paint GUNEX  is truly the ultimate in external wall protection
GUNEX  is a very thick and viscous product and can only be applied using heavy industrial spray rigs. Working at pressures in excess of 2000 psi these special pumps blast the material onto the surface wall covering  scars and defects while creating a beautiful uniform finish to the surface
During the repair stage it sometimes becomes apparent that there are structural issues that needs to be attended to if its dangerous. Under theses circumstances we will inform the client of the problems and advise on the way forward. Should building control need to be informed we can prepare plans and calculations for there approvel.
Using high pressure pumps GUNEX  is applied to the prepared surfaces to create a new surface that will last in excess of 20 years
This property  is  constantly at the mercy of the weather . Sitting in valley near Salisbury Plain, Wind, Rain, Snow/Frost had taken its toll on the external walls and it needed urgent attention. The property had been insulated and rendered about 25 years ago (  now August 2015 )  with a product called ALPINE Scratch.......manufactured by Blue Circle. Because the property was surounded by trees the external walls was constantly wet ( even in summer ). Large areas of the render had come away from the insulation and brickwork in other areas. Because  the render finish was a specialist system we would need to carry out the repairs using the same system so as to to blend in with the original finish .We did not want  any repair lines showing on completion. As Blue circle no longer makes this product we decided on Webbers Alpine finish and was very pleased with the results....no repair lines and a perfect finish.
Below are 4 properties that  we worked on many years ago and have since returned to them during 2015 to respray.
This property in Horchurch Essex was treated by us during the winter of 1998/1999. According to our records and photos ........the work involved large areas of new rendering and surface preparation. The product used was MASTEX SB1 Grade 15 texture Applied by Graco Presedent industrial spray equipment. M. Taylor Snr carried out the works.
This property in Rochdale  was treated by us during the April 1992 According to our records and photos ........the work involved large areas of new rendering and surface preparation. The product used was MASTEX Grade 25 Applied by Graco Presedent industrial spray equipment. M. Taylor Snr carried out the works.
This property in MID- WALES  was treated by us during 1995. According to our records and photos ........the work involved large areas of new rendering and surface preparation. The product used was MASTEX Grade 25 Textured coating Applied by Graco Presedent industrial spray equipment. M. Taylor Snr carried out the works.
On completion of the spraying the property 
is then demasked. The next stage is to check 
all areas and touch in and clean up as
required. Any fittings / pipes/ plants etc are
then put back. All resulting rubbish / debris
is removed from site and left clean.
We was contacted by the same client  and was
asked to give a vquote to respray the property.
The property was still in excellent condition and only needed a clean up coat. GUNEX smooth was applied using GRACO airless guns to to give an 
easy clean finish. Colour was Pink Magnolia.
During January of 2015 we was contacted via our
website by the property owner to give a quote on
retreating there home. However the complete property was covered in creeping ivy. The ivy had 
caused considerable damage to the soffits and 
gutters as well as parts of the walls. It was agreed
that we would carry out the works in April. the client
arranged for his gardener to remove the ivy asap
so that the spores would not be ative when we 
returned to carry out the works. In April although 
most of the ivy had been removed we still had a 
lot to do. Dead ivy and spores was everywhere the only solution was to burn them off ( Biocides ) don't work on on this type of spores.Work was completed in mid April 2015.
Our client still had the original paperwork from 1995
when they asked us to quote for a respray of there
property. On inspection we was surprised to see how clean the house was after 20 years considering
its a working farmhouse,  (and it is  in a very remote area of Wales.) The client said he has power washed it once  a year for the last 20 years. They had decided it was time for a colour change from white to magnolia  As before a small but difficult part was accessed by the farmers JCB with a pig cage on it 
saved the cost of scaffold just for a small area.
This property was completely covered with ivy
This property below was a nursing home that was sprayed in 2001  The new owners contacted us to quote for extensive rendering and spraying works after the building went through a complete renovation.
The works would be carried in 3 phases over 3 months first  stage was to get the chiminny stacks out of the way so that some scaffolding could be struck.2nd stage was when the roofs was stripped and batterend prior to tiling, 3rd stage was when the building was almost finished and ready for the final spraying works. We decided tio use a cherry picker on the front elevation so that all of the scaffold could be removed to keep the owners costs down.
All of the above contracts are open for inspection to prospective clients. ( subject to property owners approvel and timescale.)
Please click on a picture to enlarge.
For further information or a free survey and quotation on any of our system Telephone : 0203-693-3797 or use the contact form below 
HomeGunex Product InfoGunex InstallationExterior Wall CoatingsExternal RenderProductsWall Tie ReplacementBrick & Stone PointingTile & Slate RoofsFlat Roof Systems
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The following shows the procedure of the external works on a property near Salisbury Plain
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