We was asked to carry out the external spray coating works on this London property for the 
Channel 4  TV program  " Property Ladder " as presented by Sarah Beeny.
The property started out as a 3 bedroom house and was transformed into an unusual  property with
underground rooms and basement courtyards.
The specification required for the coating to be a self cleaning fine texture finish allowing for the brick
lines to be shown, plus it should be able to withstand ground water pressure in the basement areas..

This was a property that the present owners family had owned for many generations and had seen many
alterations made to it over the years. The present owner had "KENITEX " applied back in 1969 and still had
the previous contract details..
We was surprised that the walls was still in good condition after all this time and just needed powerwashing and
needle gunning to check adhesion.
The main problem was the chimney stacks where new chimney pots had been replaced 20 years ago and 
had disturbed the coating on the very top of the stacks............as a result water had got in and caused a breakdown of the coating around the top of the stacks.....still the owner was not complaining  1 paint job in
39  years is good value "
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PROPERTY ; SOMERSBY HOUSE LINCOLNSHIRE  >>>>>Birthplace of Lord Tennyson,
This large country property was the birhplace of Lord Tennyson .....poet of Queen Victoria .
The property was interesting for us because this property had also been sprayed with Kenitex some 30 years previous by the present
owners father.
The new owners decided it was time the property was renovated and after a new roof was installed and internal decorations finished it was time to give the exterior walls a face lift.
This contract is shown in our videos ( link above )
The walls when cleaned up was also like the hastings contract still in reasonable condition and the only major  repair work was stiching a few
structual cracks and repointing bricks .
Here at MASTEX we reallay enjoy our work we work on some fantastic properties in beautifull locations >>like this house on the
beach in sussex.
The house was only 30 years old and built in concrete blocks, the client was painting this property  "every 2 years" but the paint was not
protecting the structure.and as a result the salt weather had taken its toll on the property.
We replaced numerous blocks, cavity wall ties, and spent 3 weeks just preparing the surface structure, on stormy days the waves would hit
the walls of the house. and ruin a whole days work of preparation.>>>>>>>>>but in the end the contact was completed and the client
was delighted with the end result.>>>>>>>>>and so was we !
This very large victorian house in liverpool was a challange in its self because the old cobbledash was in a very bad state of repair
this would be very difficult to match in the repairs using the traditional "tyrolean  gun approach ".As we still ocansonly carryout the odd pebbledash contract we decided the best option for invisable repairs on this job would be to reinstate the repairs using the old traditional method of  " Heavy  Shingle / Cobbledash  method " the results was first class.
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This beautiful property just outside London was also treated with a spray on textured coating in the 1980s. The owners were pleased with
the coating and the fact that it lasted so long.  We was called in to spray a new extension to the rear of the property to match the exsisting
finish to the house. During this time the client decided that it was better to have the complete house redone so as to have an exact match,
in finish and colour.
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This was a church that we carried out extensive repairs to the walls and roof in the summer of 2012. The work involved replacing large areas of
the existing render, and crack repairs. 
The final finish was a silver grey water based elastomeric coating that was sprayed into place using high pressure spray pumps.

During the course of the works we was awarded the contract to renovate all of the flat roof areas to the church. The system we used was
a sprayed seamless Elasto coating, finished off with solar reflective white stone chips
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Sprayed seamless coating to all flat and slate / roof areas to the front of  the church
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