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>  Damaged roof tiles / slates

>  Moss and lichen

>  Pollutants 

> Missing  pointing to hips & 

>  Missing tiles / slates

>  Flashing's 

>  Surface erosion & porous

>  Dangerous chimney stacks
Often overlooked and forgotten about your roof is the first line of defense against the ravages of
the British weather., problems usually only become apparent when it starts to leak or tiles go missing during heavy winds.

We offer a complete roof restoration service that eliminates all of the above problems at a fraction of a
new strip and retile cost..
Our renovation system not only takes care of the roof tiles / slates etc but we also  look at the condition
of any chimney stacks, flashing's, ridges and hips.
Working on roofs require special skills to restore your roof
back to its original condition.
Taking into account your property and also your neighbors
we will erect safe working platforms in order to protect the
properties and also for the safety of our workers, as required by the ( Health & Safety )
This work "Can not" be carried out without working platforms at gutter level
A complete roof restoration involving cleaning,tile replacement, flashing's, cement repairs, and spraying
" CAN NOT" by carried out on roof ladders, it leads to unsafe work practice and bodged workmanship.
Working platforms enable out staff to work safely, and comply with Health  & Safety and Insurance requirements..
Our working platforms also enable our clients to inspect
our high standard of workmanship at close up if they so wish.
Our Quotation includes all labour, materials, and access
equipment to carry out the contract.
>    All areas not to be treated are covered up with sheeting
      to protect the surrounding area.

>    Gutter pipes are removed or blocked to prevent silt or
      debris going into the drainage system.

>    Moss, & lichen are removed by hand / machine to
      reduce sludge & mess.

>    The roof is then gently power washed to remove any
      remaining contamination / dirt etc.

>    The next stage is to replace cracked / missing tiles
      re-bed / re-point all hips & ridges, and reset all the
      existing tiles.

>    If any work is required on any chimney stack or
      flashing's need replacing this would be done at this 

>    Once  the roof is weather proof the next stage is a 
      biocide treatment, this will kill any remaining moss /
      lichen spores.

>     The next stage is a primer base coat , applied by 
       brush or spray , this will stabilize the existing
       surface ready for the final top coats.

>     The final finish is applied in 2 coats by high pressure
       spray to give a beautiful uniform coating that will give
       your roof a beautiful weatherproof finish and have the
       appearance of a new roof.

>     On completion all resulting debris , scaffolding, and
       materials are removed and property left in a clean & 
A clear coating is available for clay tiles
We have recently introduced this roofing system from the USA and are looking for clients to work with on evaluating the system and benefits on
large or small roofing projects.
The systems have been used for many years in the United States with a high degree of success, eliminating the need for strip and recovering
with the inherent costs involved.
The latest system we are now using is classified as a cool roof system reflecting some 70% of the suns ray back into the atmosphere which
results in energy saving and less damage to the roof fabric.
The renovating and the refurbishment of an existing roof  represents lower overall costs and considerable
>    Lower installation costs than traditional systems.

>    Seamless coating with no joins.

>    Spray applied insitu

>    Covers and locks in asbestos fibres

>    Class 1 fire rating.

>    Range of colors available / specials mixed

>    Guaranteed for 15 years.

>    Cool Roof System reducing energy usage

>    Environmentally friendly system

>    Highly flexible and durable coating.
Case Study  : Asbestos Slates
This property in Somerset was having major problems with the roof
due to leaking and cracked Asbestos slates, cement missing from 
the ridges and valleys, and the worst aspect of this was the fact that
moss and lichen had eroded the surface and was allowing dangerous
asbestos fibres to  " Fly " in the air .around the house.
Our clients had several  quotations to remove the Asbestos and re roof
the property but the cost was beyond them. The cost alone to remove
the Asbestos slate by a licenced contractor would have cost almost the
same as retiling due to the Health and Safety implications..
The property owners decided to use  our encapsulant system that is
guaranteed for 15 years. and gives old roofs a new life.

Call us for a free ( no obligation ) survey and quotation on Tel : 0203-693-3797 or use the contact form below
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*    Highly Flexible and durable finish

*    Guaranteed 15 years

*    Class 1 fire rating system

*    Seamless coating with no joints

*    Wide range of colours

*    Environmentally friendly system

*    Sprayed applied insitu

*    Lasts in excess of 20 years.
HomeGunex Product InfoGunex InstallationExterior Wall CoatingsExternal RenderProductsWall Tie ReplacementBrick & Stone PointingTile & Slate RoofsFlat Roof Systems
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