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Cavity wall tie corrosion is a major problem with many properties in the UK now
The problem has come about by the use galvanized fishtail or in later
years the use of butterfly twist ties. If left undetected wall tie corrosion
can seriously damage the property and in some cases make the building unsafe
Identifing Cavity Wall Tie Failure
MASTEX Wall Tie Survey
Wall Tie Replacement Schedule
There are several signs to determine if your property has wall tie failure

1/    If your property has cavity walls and the outerskin is BULGING
       then this is most likely due to the wall ties snapping due to 

2/    If the walls has HORIZONTAL cracks in the mortar joints, this is
       most likely wall tie corrosion.
A free survey from MASTEX will establish the problem
and the need for the type of remedial work required.

The surveyor will locate at random a selection of ties using
a metal detector .and an endoscope to determine the condition of the ties.

Check and identify all cracks and damage to the walls

Offer a free quotation for the best and most effective treatment

Our specialist teams have the experience to eliminate the
problem of wall tie failure

Establishing the location of all wall ties in the area to be treated.

Isolating existing corroded ties

Drilling  holes for access to install new stainless ties

Installing new ties as per contract and specification.

Making good / pointing substrate to match existing surface

This property believe it or not was only 3 years old when we was approached by the owner to deal with the
external rendering. The problem was that the rendering was turning into powder. Our client had called on the
NHBC guarantee to put the problem but all they done was a cosmetic fix and nether bothered to look at other
aspects of the problem.....FINE HORIZONTAL CRACKS going around the house at about 2 metres high
a classic example of WALL TIE EROSION............but on a 3 year old house ?  on closer examination
with an endoscope the problem was solved........there was no wall ties at all ! at this level.
The schedule for the works was to put in a level of chemical wall ties, replace some blown render, apply 
a liquid resin coat to harden the render, and finish with a high performance spray applied coating to all areas.
Click on photo to enlarge
This property was built during the 1920s of cavity wall construction high up on the cliffs on the
ISLE OF WHITE near Sandown, 
Backing onto the English Channel the owner was constantly painting it to keep it in good order.
During our survey it was identified that there was extensive wall tie corrosion and would form part of our works in the renovation and insulation of external walls
The works consisted of external render repairs, cavity insulation, wall-tie replacement, external
block replacement to one corner, and finally preparation and sprayed textured coating to all 
exterior walls.
Please click on pictures to enlarge
Power washing to remove  large areas of dirt, mould, and algae.
External blocks needed to be replaced
Corner Re-Built and rendered
to match exsisting substrate.
Property high up on the cliffs
exposed to the elements.
Click on photo to view
As part of our remedial work with exterior walls our experience with cavity wall tie replacement is second to none, having carried out many contracts for commercial, industrial and residential clients, in all parts of the UK.

With our specialist systems we can offer our clients a complete package from the structural aspects through to the future weather proofing of the substrate

We offer several CAVITY WALL TIE SYSTEMS and will advise on the most suitable system for each property
For further information or a free survey and quotation please call us on Telephone : 0203-693-3797 or use the contact form below.
Kemp House, 152-169 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
Telephone : 0203-693-3797.  Email : mastex@mail.com
Web site : www.thermastex.com
HomeExterior Wall CoatingsWallcote Product InfoWallcote   InstallationExternal Wall RenderingWall Tie ReplacementBrick & Stone PointingRoofing SystemsIndustrial CommercialTestimonials
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